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Solvent Recovery Systems

In partnership with AMCEC, Spooner Industries has expanded its environmental product range with the ability to capture and recover solvents.  From our facility in the UK, Spooner designs, manufactures, installs and services solvent recovery systems for a variety of applications.

The process starts with vapour phase adsorption – the solvent laden air passes through deep static beds of activated carbon.  The solvents are retained in the activated carbon pores and the cleansed air is discharged to atmosphere. Through staggered adsorption and desorption cycles, each bed is periodically regenerated by counter flow of steam or inert gas that heats the carbon.  During the regeneration phase, the solvent vapours are released from the carbon and carried by the steam or inert gas to condensation, decanting and solvent treatment units.

AMCEC solvent and desorbate treatment systems are custom designed to meet each customer’s requirements. A wide range of cost effective processes and equipment are offered:


  • Air Stripping
  • Decantation
  • Steam Stripping
  • Steam Distillation
  • Chemical Drying
  • Separation by Selective Adsorption
  • Separation by Membrane


One of the most commonly used treatment processes is steam distillation. The desorbate recovered from the steam regenerated carbon adsorption system is processed in high efficiency packed or trayed columns to separate water and solvents.  Alternatively, AMCEC offers inert gas regenerated solvent recovery systems that recover solvents with less than 0.1% water.

The Spooner AMCEC partnership serves industries such as Gravure printing, Flexo printing, Battery manufacturing, Tape and label production, Coating and converting operations, Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, Textiles, Paint spray booths and Metal degreasing.