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ECCA – Conference Review


ECCA – European Coil Coating Association 

In November Lois Scott and Michael Hill represented Spooner at the 53rd ECCA (European Coil Coating Association (PrePaint)) Autumn Congress in Brussels. The theme of the conference was the latest BREF regulations along with improving the environmental impact of coiling coating, specifically looking at reducing emissions and energy usage, as well as new technology including dramatically different abatement systems and new coatings.

During the two-day conference both Lois and Michael presented to an audience of major Pre-Paint producers and industry experts. The programme for the conference covered topics such as developments in process technology, reducing the environmental impact of pre-paint products, new technologies in coil coating, ECCA activities and an educational workshop looking at STS BREF: implications for the industry.

Spooner presentations 

Michael who spoke on the Monday gave a presentation on “The Future of Thermal Systems – in a world of Global warming and ever more challenging standards”. The presentation covered the history of the impact of environmental regulations, oven and oxidiser developments, BREF’s impact on current thermal equipment designs as well as future development for thermal efficiency.

As part of the workshop “Understanding the STS BREF: implications for the industry” Lois gave a presentation on the “energy and emissions in waste gases”. Live streamed round Europe to a selected audience Lois’s talk covered the BATs relating to energy and emissions, the evolution of oxidisers, how to improve energy and destruction efficiencies and concentrator technology and systems.

Other interesting topics 

Other interesting topics discussed at the conference included a talk by ArcelotMittal about using a Zeolite wheel to handle excess coater room air, there was a lot of interest in this technology. In coating developments James Smith and Alan Butchart of Beckers suggested reclaiming solvents maybe the way forward. There were also papers from Mr. R. Blokland (TNO) and Pr. M Johnssan (KTH Royal Institute of Technology) reviewing the use of Bio-based polymers for new more environmentally friendly coatings.

This is an exciting time for technology in the Pre-paint industry and demonstrates the importance of close working relationships between Pre-paint producers, coating suppliers and advanced equipment suppliers such as Spooner Ind Ltd.