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Hire Spooner’s Test and R&D Facility!

General Spooner News

Having recently been upgraded with large investment into new testing equipment and development systems, now is the ideal time to hire Spooner’s state of the art Test and R&D Facility. You can ensure your new product or existing process has the optimum results in terms of efficiency, throughput and product quality before making a large and potentially unnecessary investment into new equipment.
Spooner’s test and development centre is based at the £4m purpose built headquarters in Ilkley, West Yorkshire and is available for both new and existing customers to hire. Whilst working in the Test Centre, Spooner’s customers are assured of confidentiality throughout and Spooner’s highly skilled and experienced engineers are on hand to help.
A comprehensive and versatile range of equipment is available, allowing customers to reproduce virtually any baking or converting applications
Spooner’s three section traveling oven has independent circulating air temperature control in each section and each section has four nozzle chambers in which the circulating air flow can be adjusted using dampers. This flexibility allows the baking profile to be altered for a particular product to quickly compare the effect of different oven settings, optimise bake times and improve product quality. A wide range of products have been run on this machine from the standard tinned bread products to cakes, crisps, biscuits and pies. All pilot machines are operated by our highly skilled and knowledgeable test centre staff, with Spooner’s food product development specialists on hand to advise and assist where needed

The key benefits of a Spooner oven are:

Custom design to meet specific process requirements
Direct or indirect heating
High energy efficiency
High performance and even air distribution
Ease of access for cleaning and maintenance
Low maintenance requirements

The test centre’s High Speed Coating Line (HSCL) is a modern, high speed converting machine capable of curing, coating and flotation drying. A wide variety of products and substartes can be tested with state of the art sensors and a sophisticated data-logging system for the comprehensive monitoring, recording and analysis of all drying and curing process parameters.
Spooner’s HSCL, is capable of the following coating techniques;

Direct and Reverse Gravure
Offset Gravure
Chambered Doctor Blade
Trailing Doctor Blade
Three Roll Hydrophilic (Chrome roll)