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Industrial Food Processing Equipment

Bakery Industry
Spooner tunnel oven

Spooner’s baking ovens are designed with an energy efficient mode installed. During product change over, the oven temperature and airflow can be automatically lowered, while remaining ready to bake with minimal energy usage. Integrated energy saving features automatically minimise the combustion air quality and can install easy clean heat recovery systems to capture the flue stack energy and use it to pre-heat fresh air or for bakery hot water heating. Adjustable air systems allow Spooner ovens to alter its baking characteristics, providing the ability to adjust heat flux at numerous points throughout the baking process. The company uses various methods of retraction for ease of access, including traditional hinge doors, retracting doors and a complete retracting top half. Specific attention is paid to hygiene throughout the design and also in the manufacturing techniques used in the oven construction. Forced convection systems provide uniform airflow, which results in even and consistent bake quality, while the installation of radiant effect damper systems offers versatility in the type of bake to give the product the desired quality and appearance.