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Optimise your industrial processing equipment with Spooner Plus!

General Spooner News

Spooner Plus is designed to add value to your business by maximising the potential and prolonging the life of your existing process machinery. By making the investment now you can reduce the risk of unnecessary downtime and costly repairs in the future! Spooner Plus provides everything from online training packages and remote interrogation to on-site energy audits, inspections and refurbishment.

Complementing the company’s long established capabilities in the design and manufacture ovens, dryers and coolers, Spooner Plus provides everything required to optimize the reliability, reduce the downtime and improve the energy efficiency of that equipment.

Services are available to help both new and existing customers repair, improve and maintain existing equipment to sustain the bottom line and stay one step ahead of the competition.

The Spooner Plus team comprises of specialist engineers who provide essential process skills and decades of machine building knowledge. The team boasts vast experience and references in equipment inspections, maintenance schedules, condition inspections, modifications, upgrades, recommendations and supply of spare parts, repairs, plant refurbishment, restoration and relocation, energy audits, training, benchmarking, machine deep cleaning, burner servicing and providing emergency breakdown cover.

Spooner’s Director, Steve Newell commented, “With companies under pressure to increase profits whilst maintaining tight budgets, it makes sense to optimise and improve existing equipment. Spooner Plus has been developed by our expert engineers to help you achieve optimum results from all your process machinery.”

Based in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, Spooner Industries has over 80 years’ experience in forced convection technology. The design, engineering and manufacturing of industrial solutions for the food industry such as provers, ovens and coolers. Spooner is continuously developing new technologies and innovative solutions in their in-house testing and R&D facilities in Yorkshire which are available to hire for trials and development work to ensure customers remain at the forefront of their industry.