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Spooner Staff are the Key to Success!

General Spooner News

Spooner Industries was established in 1932 by Yorkshire inventor, William Wycliffe Spooner and provides industrial processing equipment for a wide range of manufacturing applications all over the world. Mr Spooner built his company based on three core values;

  • Be thoroughly competent in your technology
  • Keep your customers happy
  • Recruit good people

Today the company invests heavily in recruiting and training the right people which ensures Spooner stays at the forefront of technology and develops excellent working relationships with customers. Mr Spooner’s values established over eight decades ago are still key to Spooner’s success and the reason why the company has diversified and grown significantly over the past 82 years. Spooner continues to make a conscious effort to invest in the future with dedicated Apprenticeships and Graduate Trainee Programmes, currently employing over 30 members of staff under the age of 30 in various roles throughout the company. The current programmes offered include technical, mechanical and marketing Graduate Trainees along with Apprenticeships in mechanical and electrical engineering, logistics, fabrication and welding. These schemes provide graduates and apprentices with the skills, knowledge and experience they will need for an excellent foundation for their chosen career. Once the Graduate Schemes and Apprenticeships have been completed there is plenty of opportunity for further development within Spooner. A large proportion of Spooner’s managers began their careers as teenage Apprentices and worked their way up through the company. Graduate Trainee, Michael Lomas commented “Working for a well-established company which has such a diverse range of products for different industries and operations gives young engineers a good rounded experience. The size of the business also attracted me to the job, I wanted to feel part of the operation and I knew that my chances of this happening were increased working for a medium sized company rather than a big corporation” says Michael Lomas, who has recently completed his training to become an Applications Engineer, his job involves estimating and conceptual design, and has given him the opportunity to travel throughout Europe and USA to the Middle East and Africa. The “Spooner Family” ethos that was the basis of Mr Spooner’s company back in 1932 is still present today. Spooner is very proud of its low employee turnover, with five employees who joined the company in the 60’s, as apprentices for the founder, Mr Spooner, reaching their 50 year employment milestone with the company. They have each devoted their entire working life to Spooner! Michael Brook, Managing Director of Spooner Industries said “We have created a special programme for our Graduates and Apprentices, designed to give them a good overview of the company and in particular our technology. An important part of this is creating opportunities for our long service employees to pass on the Spooner secrets to this new generation.” Spooner Industries has over 80 years unrivalled experience in drying, curing, baking and cooling for a diverse range of global industries including paper, converting, food and metals. A thorough understanding of heat transfer, air flotation technology and pollution abatement allows Spooner to design and manufacture solutions for a wide and growing range of industries and processes. Spooner’s Ilkley HQ boasts a Pilot Facility with in-house testing equipment available for a wide variety of processes. The comprehensive range of pilot equipment is available to all customers and most applications. In addition to the UK, Spooner has a network of agents and representatives across the globe, providing a local point of contact for almost every client, wherever their location