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蓄熱式の酸化剤は、(RTOの)燃焼室に接続するセラミック媒体室や病床数、で構成されています。 VOCおよびHAPを含んだ処理ガスが床の一つにガスを導く制御弁に流入する入口マニホルドを介して酸化剤に入る。


これらの酸化剤の中で、酸化し、高エネルギーの回収は、補助燃料の要件を軽減し、運用コストを節約できます – ユニットは、低入口のVOC濃度では補助燃料使用量(オートサーマル)で自立運転に到達することができます。


Features & Benefits

  • Up to 97% thermal efficiency
  • >99% destruction efficiency
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for high volumetric turn-down during low process or idle conditions
  • Up to 25% Lower Explosive Limits (LEL) RTO operation while self-sustaining as low as 3% LEL, reducing the need for auxiliary fuel
  • PLC based control system with remote access
  • Low NOx burner design



  • Supplemental Fuel Injection (SFI) for increased fuel efficiency, flameless thermal oxidation and ultra low NOx emissions.
  • Hot Side Bypass for high loading conditions
  • Bake-out feature to remove organic particulate build-up
  • Diverse materials of construction options for high temperature or corrosive applications (e.g. halogenated compounds)
  • Acid gas scrubber module with completely integrated control system
  • Forced or induced draft fan configurations
  • Skid or remote mounted panels available for system controls
  • Two, three or multi-bed configurations