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Spooner’s Energy Efficient Nozzle Systems

Flotation Nozzles

Extensive research and development is undertaken in Spooner’s UK test centre from which a wide range of highly efficient flotation and impingement dryer systems have been developed. With energy prices remaining at a high level, the incentive to save energy and ultimately reduce costs, is making energy efficient process machinery an obvious investment.

Spooner provide highly efficient air dryers, all custom designed to meet customers specific process requirements. One of Spooner’s more recent developments includes thehigh performance air flotation nozzle variant called the HPS (High Performance Spoonerfloat). Drying performance with this new nozzle design is somewhere between the conventional Spoonerfloat and the HPCTMnozzle system. The HPS nozzle has shown enhanced web handling characteristics for sensitive grades such as porous non-wovens.

Other developments at Spooner include the multi-float; a flotation nozzle which has been specifically developed for extremely low web operating tensions. In particular, for the stabilisation of PET film, whereby the film must be completely relaxed in the oven to remove internal stresses this being critical to the performance of the material.

Spooner’s research and development facility is available for hire with in-house testing equipment available to trial a wide variety of processes. Spooner’s testing equipment includes a high speed coating line equipped with air flotation dryer along with a range of hand sample pilot machinery.