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Air Pollution Control

Innovative Air Pollution Control Equipment and Services

Spooner Industries provides a range of custom designed solutions to help customers tackle their air pollution control issues in the most appropriate, reliable and efficient way.  By forming strategic partnerships with market leading specialists, Spooner has gained a depth of expertise and references in a wide range of technologies, allowing the selection of the best technology for each individual application.  From our facility in the UK, Spooner carries out the design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and servicing of this comprehensive range of products.

The partnership with Anguil Environmental Systems was established in 2008 when Spooner became their European licensee for the provision of VOC abatement systems.  Over the past 35 years, Anguil has developed a breadth of oxidiser technologies that control harmful and regulated volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), process odours and nitrogen oxides (NOx).  The result is over 1,700 installations around the world.  Through this partnership, Spooner can provide stand-alone oxidiser equipment to a wide range of markets, or units as part of a thermal package with our dryers or ovens.

Spooner expanded its environmental range by becoming a licensee of AMCEC in 2012.  With over 80 years’ experience, thousands of systems in operation and millions of tonnes of solvent recovered each year, AMCEC is a recognised leader in the field of solvent recovery.

Working with AMCEC, Spooner supplies solvent recovery equipment including :-

  • Vapour phase adsorption processing
  • Solvent & desorbate treatment

Through these strategic partnerships, Spooner is able to supply air pollution abatement solutions to industries such as automotive, coating, chemical, pharmaceutical, printing, painting, electronics, converting, metals and oil & gas.