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Food Coolers

Spooner industrial food coolers are custom built to meet the requirements of your process.

Whether the product is bread, confectionery or cereal based, cooling is an important and essential element of the food processing industry. Spooner Industries extends the same high performance airflow and control technologies to its coolers as it does to all its equipment.

Coolers can use ambient or chilled air or a combination to achieve the correct product exit temperature. Air systems can be all-in/all-out or re-circulating with the proportion of re-circulation and fresh air controlled to maintain the correct cooling air temperature.

Spooner offers a range of cooler types to suit the product and plant such as:


Tunnel Coolers

  • High performance nozzle systems
  • Ambient Air
  • Chilled Air
  • Combination
  • Humidity Control

Rack Coolers

  • Ambient Air
  • Chilled Air
  • Humidity Control

Spiral Coolers Air Conditioning

  • Ambient Air
  • Chilled Air
  • Humidity Control