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Food Ovens & Dryers

Spooner tunnel ovens and dryers are based on forced convection and radiant technology. This ensures flexible, reliable operation and ease of control. Custom baking ovens are designed to be energy efficient with an option of internal access walkways for hygiene and maintenance to suit your needs.

Spooner industrial tunnel ovens are currently operating in a diverse range of food processes worldwide, with some original Spooner tunnel ovens reported as still achieving maximum efficiency 40 years’ after they were installed.

With all Spooner equipment, you have the assurance of quality machines that are built to last.

Spooner tunnel oven types include:

  • Direct Fired Ovens
  • Indirect Fired Ovens
  • Hybrid Ovens
  • Radiant Effect
  • Hot Plates
  • DGF Ovens

Various types of Conveyors are available

Features & Benefits of the Spooner baking oven:

  • Optimised heat transfer rates & nozzle designs
  • Energy efficient designs
  • Heat recovery to minimise running costs
  • Radiant effect heating for enhanced flexibility
  • Even temperatures across the oven
  • Rapid warm-up & quick temperature changes with direct-fired ovens
  • Minimal flash heat for any production gaps
  • Fan location to suit space available
  • Designed for ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • Innovative designs for complete access
  • Flexible, reliable and ease of process control
  • Designed to be gas, oil or electric heated