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Compact Combi Oven

Spooner Industries is offering a unique Air Impingement compact oven system combined with high performance Near Infrared or Induction technology, combining the best of both technologies.
The combination of high performance electrical systems (Near Infra-Red or Induction) in the “solvent removal” stages and Air Impingement for the “cure” stages ensures optimum product quality and cure characteristics comparable to traditional impingement systems. Customers with multiple lines will be able to produce the same products with the same paints on conventional and compact lines.
Incorporating Spooner’s state of the art flotation technology strip stabilisation allows:

  • Low strip vibration through the critical Coater and of high performance electrical systems (Near Infra-Red or Induction) sections improving coated surface quality and heat transfer
  • Higher air velocities and heat transfer rates in force convection sections and therefore shorter total oven lengths

The Compact Combi Oven is completely versatile and can be mounted vertically or horizontally which together with its compact design and use of standard paints mean it can be effectively utilised in a number of different line layouts.
High performance electrical (Near Infra-Red or Induction) technology offers rapid reaction times to maintain optimum performance regardless of operating conditions. The Spooner Air Impingement system utilises the most advanced control software available to ensure the impingement sections can react as rapidly as Near Infra-Red / Induction to meet all customer needs.
From its first conception the Compact Combi Oven was designed to reduce running costs by using high efficiency lamp and reflector design, state of the art optimisation systems and full integration with industry leading oxidiser and heat recovery technology.
To help maintain simple operation and flexibility, the control system will include predictive and threaderless recipe control software, Spooner PSC, designed to reduce oven set up time and the production of substandard product.
The Spooner PSC predictive control software automatically sets all the Compact Combi Oven and oxidiser parameters ensuring smooth integration with the process line operation, consistent production of quality product and reduced scrap, regardless of operator team or process demands. Reduced set up time and operator input/time and energy efficient operation


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