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Our latest innovation that we have developed here at Spooner has now allowed you to tackle two of the industries biggest problems when it comes to continuous galvanising lines (strip vibration and cooling processes) and found a solution which reduces both.

A Spooner StabilizAIR uses the latest technology to provide stability to your coating line/s.  It is designed so that our air floatation nozzles “clamp” the strip between cushions of air, this reduces the vibrations caused by the high velocity from the air cooling further on up the tower. The reduction in this vibration actually increases the control of the strip at the air knives. Our robust designs can withstand even the harshest galvanising line environments.

No other technology on the market has multiple capabilities, but due to our innovative technologies, our air floatation systems have a cooling effect leading to a decrease in strip temperature between 20-30 degrees for a 3 nozzle and between 30-40 degrees for a 5 nozzle using a Spooner StabilizAIR.

(Performance may vary)


  • Increased strip stability by up to 3x
  • Improved coat weight control allowing for more accurate coating
  • Improved product quality/appearance
  • Lower strip tension required (especially thinner strips)
  • Extended zing pot roll bearing life span possible with reduced tension
  • Potential increased line speed due to added cooling
  • Significant savings from zinc/aluminium consumption
  • Facilitates higher cooling rates from existing coolers leading to lower tower height


  • 3 or 5 floatation nozzles (1.2/1.9m length required at the strip path)
  • Nozzle-to-Nozzle distance adjustment to accommodate strip joints and damaged strip without catching
  • Fan specification or Fan and Motor supply allowing local fan supply
  • Ducting design or supply
  • Two widths to choose from – 1250mm or 1650mm wide
  • StabilizAIR works best with higher air velocities – standard is 70m/s

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