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Spooner Industries has provided customised process solutions for the contact-less drying of paper for over 80 years. Experts in convection drying and non contact web-handling, Spooner provide industrial drying systems to the world’s leading paper manufacturers.

Air flotation and impingement dryers, coolers, Air Turns and web stabilisers are manufactured to any specification to provide you with optimum results for the most demanding paper industry processes.

Key Market Sectors

  • Printing & Writing
  • Label Stock
  • Carbonless Paper
  • LWC, MWC
  • Non-wovens
  • Art Paper/ Board
  • Packaging Grades
  • Thermal Paper
  • Tissue
  • Décor
  • Banknote/Security paper
  • Folding Boxboard
  • Photographic Paper
  • Teabag and Plug Wrap Paper

Spooner offers turnkey solutions from the initial plant design through manufacture to delivery, installation and commissioning.