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Spooner Coolers

Spooner provides custom built coolers for web processes and food applications.

Food Coolers

Whether the product is bread, confectionery or cereal based, cooling is an important and essential element of the food processing industry.

Spooner Industries extends the same high performance airflow and control technologies to its coolers as it does to its ovens and provers.

Coolers can use ambient or chilled air or a combination to achieve the correct product exit temperature. Air systems can be all-in/all-out or re-circulating with the proportion of re-circulation and fresh air controlled to maintain the correct cooling air temperature.

Spooner offers a range of cooler types to suit the product and plant:

Tunnel Coolers

  • High performance nozzle system
  • Ambient air
  • Chilled air
  • Combination

Rack Coolers

Spooner Web Coolers

Spooner offers a range of high performance coolers for continuous webs, whether the substrate be metal, paper, films or foils. In addition to impingement air coolers with high heat transfer rates, Spooner provides unique designs of air flotation stabilising coolers and has extensive references.

The benefits of these coolers are:

  • Ambient air
  • Humidity control
  • High cooling rates
  • Air Pressure Pads “clamp” the web and restrict vibration
  • Non Contact Operation
  • Improved coat weight control and product quality
  • Eliminates contact rolls