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Direct-Fired Thermal Oxidisers (DFTO)

A Direct-Fired Thermal Oxidiser (DFTO) destroys emissions by the process of combustion, using the proper combination of temperature, residence time and turbulence within the combustion chamber.  The DFTO is an ideal abatement technology for process streams heavily laden with pollutants or intermittent batch processes where the oxidiser can come on-line relatively quickly.

The direct-fired thermal oxidiser uses a specially designed burner to raise the temperature of the pollutant laden air stream to a predetermined combustion temperature. Over 99% hydrocarbon destruction efficiencies are achieved by keeping the air stream in the combustion chamber for a specified amount of time (dwell time), with turbulence generated at the inlet to the combustion chamber to ensure proper mixing of the combustion air and process streams. The clean, heated exhaust gas can then be discharged to atmosphere or sent through an optional heat recovery system.  From a small tank vent to the largest of ethanol plant applications, each Spooner Anguil DFTO is designed around our customer’s application. Special designs can be provided to handle process streams that contain acids such as carbonic, hydrochloric or sulfuric acid.

Features & Benefits

  • Over 99% hydrocarbon destruction rate efficiency
  • Reactor has ceramic lining, high density insulation and painted steel weatherproof enclosure that allow for the processing of highly concentrated organic / chlorinated streams
  • Independent process and combustion air fans ensure a safe, long-term operation with proper oxygen content
  • PLC based control system with remote access


  • Burner system to burn inert process streams directly in the burner as fuel
  • Secondary heat and energy recovery solutions
  • Alloy construction for corrosive acid gas environments
  • Low NOx Burners and Selective Catalytic Reduction systems
  • High Temperature acid gas scrubber module