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Rotor Concentrator

The Spooner Anguil concentrator is an adsorption system designed to concentrate a large volume, low concentration process exhaust into a much smaller, highly concentrated air stream.  The oxidiser system for this air stream can then be much smaller in size and utilises the higher emissions to lower operating costs.

In operation, the high volume, low concentration airstream passes through a rotor wheel or cartridge style concentrator where emissions are stripped from the air and adsorbed onto the substrate. The majority of this clean air is then exhausted to atmosphere. A small portion of the air stream is heated to an elevated temperature to be used as desorption air.

The concentrator rotates continuously, transporting adsorbed VOCs into a desorption section. In the desorption section, the organics are desorbed from the adsorptive media with the low volume heated airstream. This low volume, high emission-laden air is then processed by an oxidiser.

The Rotor Concentrator/Oxidiser is often the most cost effective technology for processing high volume, low VOC concentration streams. While the capital cost of a system is competitive with other technologies, the true savings are realised in reduced operating costs.

Features & Benefits

  • Destruction efficiencies greater than 95%
  • Concentration ratios as high as 20:1
  • Continuous operation as opposed to a batch type process
  • Concentrator wheel, desorption air heat and oxidiser integrated as a single system, simplifying installation and control scheme.
  • Low pressure drop
  • Engineering experience and flexibility to address a wide range of process conditions and applications
  • Proven system design with numerous installations all over the world


  • Various Zeolite options to suit particular applications
  • Complete turnkey packages
  • High-efficiency filter plenums
  • Numerous options for source of desorption air heat
  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidisers (RTOs), Thermal Recuperative Oxidisers and Catalytic Oxidisers can be supplied to treat the concentrated air stream.
  • Systems designed to process halogenated emission streams
  • Forced and induced draft arrangements