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High Speed Coating Machine

Spooner’s High Speed Coating Machine (HSCM) is a modern, high speed converting machine capable of coating and flotation drying a wide variety of products up to 1000m/min.

The pilot-line incorporates ‘state of the art’ sensors and a sophisticated data-logging system for the comprehensive monitoring, recording and analysis of all process parameters.

The four zone dryer can accommodate the full range of Spooner flotation nozzles


  • Air temperatures 40-350oC
  • Nozzel velocities to 90m/s
  • Line speed 0-1000m/min
  • On-line corona discharge treater
  • LEL monitoring for solvent based chemistries
  • Air Turn units at dryer entry or exit

Coating Techniques

  • Three roll reverse coating
  • Gravure (reverse, offset, direct)
  • LAS (3 roll hydrophilic coating)
  • Iso-bar rod coating
  • Air knife coating
  • Chambered doctor blade unit

Typical Applications

  • Coating and drying pressure sensitive adhesive onto paper and films
  • Coating and drying solvent based paints onto aluminium
  • Coating lotions onto tissue papers
  • Coating and drying water-based solutions onto PET and BOPP films
  • Moisturising and decurling of papers and cellophane
  • Coating and drying barrier coatings onto board