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Reduce Strip Vibration with a Spooner StabilizAIR


A leading name in forced convection technology has provided an exciting new option for the galvanizing scene with the introduction of three standardized stabilizers bringing a more affordable, effective and efficient option for line builders and their end users.

UK-based industrial process machinery manufacturer, Spooner Industries, already creates tailor-made stabilizers for major galvanizing companies across the globe but has now launched a line of standard products which makes the money-saving and quality-enhancing technology accessible to hundreds more companies.
Spooner’s StabilizAIR brings the same results in increased stability, reduced vibration, improved cooling and savings in zinc, but with a smaller price tag due to its standardized dimensions and ability to be retro-fitted.

How it works
As world leaders in drying, cooling and non-contact turning, the StabilizAIR uses Spooner’s advanced air flotation technology to stabilise steel strips which become subject to vibration during the galvanising process. The conventional upleg air coolers used on exiting zinc baths can cause strip movement at the air knives of up to 5mm depending on line operating conditions. The Spooner StabilizAIR uses specially designed air flotation nozzles to effectively clamp the strip between cushions of air, stabilizing the product and reducing vibration by up to 75% with zero contact. In addition the StabilizAIR provides high strip cooling rates, whereas alternative technologies are limited to stabilizing only.

The benefits

This dramatic reduction in vibration means greater coating weight control and more uniform thickness of coating which results in an end product which is not just better quality with an improved surface appearance but has used significantly less zinc or aluminium, as it reduces the need to increase the average coat weight to guarantee a minimum coating thickness. Every Galvanizing line is different with many factors effecting performance and running costs but the return on investment (ROI) for a Spooner StabilizAIR can be as little as two months.
In turn this extends the working life of zinc pot roll bearings and reduces air knife maintenance which means further reductions in operating costs.
Throughput can be increased dramatically, boosting productivity due to improved cooling performance from the StabilizAIR and maximising existing upleg air cooler performance capacity.
The end of extended cooling towers?

In the past, facilities looking to improve the cooling function either built taller cooling towers providing more space and time for cooling at huge cost to the company, or increased velocity in the tower air coolers which in turn caused greater vibration. Introducing stabilizers powered by this air flotation technology eliminates the need for either and speeds up cooling without causing additional vibration. Product quality is improved, production boosted and costly extensions are no longer required or reduced in size.
Facts and figures

The StabilizAIR comes in standard sizes of 1.2 or 1.9 metres tall with widths of 1.2, 1.65 or 2.0 metres wide with three or five nozzles systems which have been chosen to fit most galvanizing lines and can accommodate strips up to 7mm thick.

The standard features mean units can be manufactured with much shorter lead times and fitted with as little downtime as one day. They can also be retro-fitted to existing production lines and will work alongside current air coolers and electromagnetic stabilizers to improve the present system further enhancing processes and reducing running costs.
Ducting can be designed and supplied if required or the StabilizAIR can be fitted to ducting supplied locally and can feed air from inside or outside the building.

Mike Hill, product manager at Spooner, comments: “We’ve been developing our stabilizing technology for several years but this is the first time we’ve produced pre-designed systems with a more affordable price tag and quicker turnaround time than our custom design models. We’ve been saving businesses millions of pounds and now that kind of saving is more attainable for a wider range of galvanizers looking to reduce costs, increase productivity and improve quality.
“We’ve built our reputation on innovative design and now one of our most pioneering products is more accessible so more companies can enjoy the benefits of Spooner’s stabilizing technology.”