The ultimate in drying control since 1932

William Spooner revolutionised industrial processes with his forced air technology.  

Since then, Spooner ovens and dryers have been used across the metal processing industry because of there superior strip handling and high performance.

About Spooner Metal

With years of experience and knowledge, our equipment offers the metal strip processing industry the ultimate in stability, efficiency and performance.

Spooner metal provides drying, curing, cooling and non-contact handling solutions across processes including coil coating, continuous metallic coating lines, canstock and speciality metal strip processing. 

Experts in the precise control of air movement and heat transfer our equipment is tailor engineered to our customer exact requirements.

Product List

Spooner Metal specialises in the drying, curing and cooling of metal strip.

Our Spooner Technology is renowned for its ability to deliver exacting control over processes as well as reduce running costs.

Our product lines include:-
> Flotation Dryer & Oven
> Impingement Dryer & Oven
> Catenary Dryer & Oven
> Metallic Coating line coolers
> All-purpose Coolers
> StabilizAIR

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