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Spooner Middle East Update

Bakery Industry

Significant growth for Western baked goods in the Middle East has ensured Spooner Industries reach into the GCC regions. Here the company has already installed multiple high capacity bread lines with more substantial contracts in the pipeline.

Following the success of the first Spooner/Newsmith bread production line currently producing over 8000 loaves per hour, work has now begun on the second full British production line, exceeding £3m.

Designed to produce quality English style tinned bread loaves, the line will include a proofer feed system, proofer to oven loop conveyors and a tin conveyor system including delidder, depanner and pan cleaner, together with tin and lid return conveyors all provided by Newsmith Stainless, world leaders in product handling. The 34m Spooner forced convection, high efficiency tunnel oven will incorporate internal walkways allowing access for engineering and hygiene staff as will the Spooner proofer.

Selling a concept and delivering a tailored product best describes what Spooner Industries has done successfully for over 85 years. Based on their unique forced convection technologies, equipment incorporates high performance airflow and control technologies together with energy efficient measures throughout. With no two contracts the same, problem solving is standard, with Spooner delivering pioneering engineering and manufacturing excellence through individual tailored solutions, every time.

Middle East Bakery Production Manager said, “There is a growing demand in the Middle East for the same quality of bread and baked goods that are produced in the UK. The best way to achieve this was to call in the experts from Spooner and Newsmith who know this industry inside out and have exceeded all our expectations with the equipment they designed and installed.”

Spooner’s range of equipment is designed and manufactured to a premium standard giving flexible, reliable operation and ease of control. In a bakery environment this ensures that optimum colour, texture, dryness and weight loss are achieved. Spooner baking, proving, toasting, drying and cooling solutions have a reputation for quality, flexibility, ease of control and reliability across an extensive range of food applications including bread, cakes, flat bread and crackers. Exclusive bakery centre R&D facilities are available at Spooner UK to optimize, test or develop new products whilst full maintenance service and support is provided on-site, worldwide, by the Spooner Plus team.

Spooner provides the complete service from initial design to manufacture, installation and ongoing maintenance services worldwide based on their innovative solutions for proving, baking and cooling.