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The hot hybrid

Bakery Industry

As a proven world class leader for ovens and oven technology, selling a concept and delivering a tailored product best describes what Spooner Industries has done successfully for over 85 years. So much so that customers have elevated the company name to a brand, not unlike ‘Hoover’ is reference to a vacuum cleaner; ‘a Spooner’ is reference to a Spooner oven.

Spooner’s range of equipment is designed and manufactured to premium standard giving flexible, reliable operation and ease of control. In a bakery environment this ensures that optimum colour, texture and dryness are achieved. Based on the unique forced convection technologies of Spooner for processes that require the movement of air to heat, cool, bake or dry products, equipment incorporates high performance airflow and control technologies together with energy efficient measures throughout.

The ‘hot’ Spooner – a hybrid oven that brings together the best of convection and radiant technology to deliver a consistent product, faster and with precision reliability. Developed over the last 12 months, the pioneering technology incorporates a burner new-to-market, which maintains reliable delivery of radiant heat to exact specified temperatures.

Applications include Biscuits, Flat Bread, Crispbread, Browning and Crackers and present an impressive range of specialised benefits including:

• A unique combination of industry standard ribbon burners and nit mesh burners delivering a directional radiant heat

source and avoiding use of the oven roof to reflect radiation as is typical of ribbon burner operation, providing energy


• Full stainless steel construction and increased thermal insulation allows the Spooner oven to achieve temperatures of up

to 550°C.

• With up to 20 burner positions available in each 3m zone, this equates to over 100kW/m² for high load applications.

• Both zoned and profiling burners available to eliminate edge effect.

• Radiation shields over the bottom burners:

o protect from falling debris which increases the reliability of the burner flame.

o promote maintenance of consistent temperatures due to the large radiating surface area underneath the product.

o allow transfer of heat through natural convection via perforations which are tuned depending on the product.

• Finite temperature control via distributed exhaust above and below the conveyor at the product level.

• Minimal response times to temperatures changes produce less scrap and increased product yield.

• Heat loss reduced through internal exhaust ducting and a common exhaust fan.

• Large doors allow exceptional clean out and maintenance access.

• Provides energy economies.

Spooner’s extensive equipment portfolio also includes a range of tailor made and energy efficient industrial dyers. These serve a range of industries incorporating types from hygienically designed snack food or cereal dryers to high performance air flotation or impingement dryers for paper, converting or steel. As a constant innovator Spooner have designed and manufactured dryers for web widths in excess of 10 m. Speed is also no obstacle, with some of our dryers designed for web speeds in excess of 3,000 m/min. Customer-focussed design teams and in-house test facilities, ensure that each dryer meets the specific demands of the customer, irrespective of the industry or application. Technical challenges such as air floating sausage casing – notoriously thin and easy to break – saw Spooner engineers research and create a stable line, dramatically improved in terms of speed, running 4 times faster – from 3,000m/hr to 8,000m/hr.