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Catalytic Recuperative Oxidiser

During operation, VOC-laden air is directed into a metal heat exchanger inside the oxidiser. The contaminated airstream is progressively heated while travelling through the heat exchanger towards the combustion chamber. At the burner, the process gas is raised to the catalyst operating temperature. As the heated gas passes through the catalyst, an exothermic reaction takes place and the pollutants are converted to carbon dioxide, water vapour and heat.

Once oxidised across the catalyst, the hot, purified air passes through the opposite side of the heat exchanger and releases thermal energy to preheat the incoming air prior to exhausting to atmosphere. The heat exchanger reduces the auxiliary fuel requirement, thus saving operating cost – already reduced due to the lower oxidation temperatures involved by use of the catalyst.


Features & Benefits

  • Reactor has a stainless steel interior with high density insulation and painted weatherproof enclosure, assuring safe, long term operation
  • A multiple pass, stainless steel, shell-and-tube or plate-type primary heat exchanger
  • Customized catalyst provides long life and destruction reliability
  • Low NOX burner design
  • PLC based control system with remote access
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) allows for high volumetric turn-down during idle or low process conditions
  • Small equipment footprint


  • Alternate fuel/power supplies including electrically heated unit
  • Multiple catalyst options including Pelletized, Monolith, Precious & Base Metals
  • Forced or induced draft fan arrangements
  • Skid or remote mounted panels available for system controls
  • Acid gas scrubber module with a completely integrated control system